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Hello and blessings to everyone!

Trinity Lutheran Church

What to Expect


Trinity Lutheran Church

(Reopening June 14)

“What to Expect”

  • Last week we reported on our reopening preparations, and this week Pastor Dave created a brief video about what to expect.  This is a follow-up on that video.


  • Please do not come out to worship if you feel ill or are uneasy about gathering.  Video services will continue to be provided.


  • There will be limited access to the facilities:  The Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall (only for access to bathrooms).


  • Doors will be propped open to avoid frequent touch.


  • Service folders and offering plate will be on tables as you enter.


  • Facemasks encouraged but not required.  Additional facemasks available.


  • Our congregation will only sit on the right side, so that the Haitian congregation can sit on the left as is their custom, and we will not have to re-sanitize between those services.


  • Sit in open pews as family units. Social distancing from others.


  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes available back of sanctuary and at restrooms.


  • Sharing of the peace will be “non-contact.”


  • Hymnal and Bibles will not be in pews to avoid weekly re-sanitizing of them.


  • End of service, back rows asked to leave first, working forward.


  • No coffee/snacks for now.  Stop to fellowship safely outside.


  • This is a non-communion Sunday.  Communion procedures will be announced next week.


  • Facilities will be cleaned and sanitized each week.



If you are interested in becoming a new member of Trinity Lutheran Church, please contact our office.  Our phone number is 954-463-2450 or email us @  We look forward to hearing from you!